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Story of a Tattoo

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
When I posted my 2013 recap, I slyly threw in the part about when I got a tattoo with one of my best friends. Jess and I had been talking for months about wanting tattoos. At first it was a " day" thought, but that quickly turned into a "let's do it" movement. I wasn't one of those people who planned out my tattoo for months. Actually, I hardly thought about it. Sometimes I can be more impulsive then you'd think. Jess and I decided the day before that we were going to get tats. We began our day with mimosas & eggs and then strolled into a quaint tattoo parlor right on St. Marks.

So the big reveal of what I got - I chose to get a small cross on the back of my neck. Some people have looked at me and gone "oh, so religious of you". Here's the thing, though.. I am not a super religious, church every Sunday, Jesus obsessed girl. But I have a growing relationship with God and I like to think that he will always have my back (hence the tattoo location). I look at it as a small reminder of my religion and something that I want to continue to strengthen. And if you don't follow a faith, I would never judge you. Just don't judge my tattoo ;) 

Along with the actual symbol of the tattoo, it additionally resonates a memory of where I was in my life when I got it. I'll look at my tattoo and always think of my early years living in New York City with my best girlfriends. Memories of lazy Saturdays spent together, boozy bottomless brunches, crazy nights out, and endless hours of laughter. This is the moment I'll look back on when I think of my tattoo - and I think that is reason enough to have been inked up.


  1. Ah so cool! I've wanted a tattoo forever, but haven't had the balls to do it. Can't wait to see a pic of yours!