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Casual...Saturday [vol. 3]

Saturday, January 25, 2014
I had a crazy, insane, overwhelming week where all usual blogging time was set aside for other life priorities. Like sleeping. Usually people are like "man oh man thank God it's Friday," but honestly yesterday I was like " it STILL Friday!?" 

Thank God today is Saturday.

Some plans for this weekend include spinning, homemade brunching with this recipe + mimosas, a haircut, and basically loving my two work free days of the week! Holla! Some points of interest below (cause ya know, my life is so interesting...):

> I went abroad to Florence 3 years ago this week. My assistant told me to "move on" as I still complain/cry that it's over. Slightly annoying of me, yes. But Tor and I like to celebrate occasions like this so on Thursday night we had a late dinner at the Italian restaurant Hearth and ordered delicious Ribollita and of course Chianti. Boom - week made better. Chianti does that ya know?

> I don't know about you, but I am so pumped for the Olympics. It's like a part of me wants to buy this RL Team USA hat and be all supportive but then another part of me is like wait that hat is $85, and I am still currently obsessed with my Homies beanie remember.

> You gotta watch this commercial. Wowza.

> I've made the executive decision to buy a juicer! Omg, so excited. I know, me and ten million other Americans buying a juicer, yadda yadda. Which one do I buy though!? My main concern is that it needs to be small because my kitchen counter can fit approximately...nothing. Amazon is telling me to buy this one.

> Wait, I love this outfit.

> And last but not least, I love this song.

image via Foodie Crush blog


  1. Seriously PSYCHED for the Olympics! And have definitely wanted to get some USA themed swag, but this college budget doesn't really provide for any patriotic gear.

  2. Don't feel bad...I still cry/miss Florence too!