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Casual Friday [vol. 2]

Friday, January 17, 2014
Happy Friday peeps! Hopefully you have Monday off and are on your way to a three day weekend!

> I have been on such a mission to find booties like these. Need you on my feet Friday nights!

> "As long as there's Halloween I'll never be bored" - Soshanna. What are your thoughts on Girls last Sunday? 

> Next week Jess is doing the Skinny Fox Detox. I can't wait to see how she feels while on it and her results! I will definitely be cleansing at some point this winter. How insane is this 3 day cleanse... Do you see what Day 2's dinner is!? 2 hotdogs! What, how? But I love hot dogs sooo, maybe this is for me.

> I met two other bloggers for drinks at Jeffrey's Grocery on Tuesday, but had already ordered a glass of wine before I saw the Peanut Butter & Jelly Old Fashioned. I gotta go back and try that! What a combination.

> My friends and I are finalizing our shore house plans and we have a house down in Manasquan, right on the Lagoon! I've got summer on my mind which is quite unfortunate because today is only January 17.

> As you know I'm up in the Poconos this weekend. Be back Tuesday! Pray I don't hurt myself on the mountain - woo!

Image is Mary Seng from one of my new favorites, Happily Grey


  1. That song sounds like the perfect windows-down summer song. I have summer on my mind as well, and this snow is not helping!

    Have a great weekend in the Poconos!

  2. i missed girls!! i need to catch up! and those booties are pretty amazing! xx