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Casual Friday [vol. 1]

Friday, January 10, 2014
Well guys we made it through the first full week of the year! 1 down...

> So I really want to try the restaurant Hearth this weekend because 1. it's located in my neighborhood and 2. it serves my all time favorite winter meal: RIBOLLITA.

> Some other things I want to try around the city: visit Haven's Kitchen (and possibly take a cooking class there), stop by the Pearl River Mart in Soho, eat at Locanda Vini & Olii because the chef is from Florence, and maybe try bottomless brunch at Agave. Can I fit that all in? 

> Girls starts again on Sunday! Thank God because I just finished House of Cards and now I don't know what to do with myself. Maybe read this 700 page baby for #bookclub.

> Kale smoothies have become my life. My favorite: kale + banana + strawberries + almond milk. I heard cauliflower was the new "it" vegetable (???), but I'm still channeling my inner Gwenyth Paltrow with the kale. However, I do want to make this orange combination of yum-ness.

> Along with my post workday kale smoothie, my workday lunches were also on a detox this week. This quinoa salad and this kale salad (what, I love kale ok) are equally healthy & delicious. 

> Carin's (from Paris in Four Months) Instagrams of Florence killed me all week. Take me back!

> I wish I was wearing this outfit.

> This was my first full week of work since before Thanksgiving. TGIF to me!
image of the very stylish Samantha Hutchinson from Could I Have That


  1. Ok, so I just added all of those restaurants to my "must-try" list. I promise I'm not stalking you. Just your restaurant picks.

  2. if someone doesn't like kale i don't like them. need that florence food in my stomach asap omg

  3. My mom got a vita-mix for Christmas, and now it's literally ALL she talks about when I call her! She's been alllll abouts those kale smoothies, with random other delicious fruits and veggies thrown in. I weirdly like it all.

  4. I agree - kale is the best! Still trying to convince my husband of its awesomeness so I can cook it more at home!