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A Small Space in the West Village

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Found this West Village apartment tour on Refinery 29 the other day and am in love with its design. The space itself is only 475 square feet! And that includes a bedroom that is only 7 feet wide! Sounds like my room actually...

The design firm Homepolish did an incredible job styling this little place. Loving the royal blue rug, lucite coffee table, and white furniture. Especially loving that the tiny bedroom even has a headboard for the bed! (Jealous...) You have to make a small area work in NYC and this little spot does it perfectly. 

Click through below on a few ideas on how to replicate this place...


  1. i want that dresser. looks like its from dr seuss!

  2. That is some fantastic use of space - I had a bedroom that was 10x10 that I thought was minuscule... Not compared NYC living haha.