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2014 > A Little Jar of Resolutions

Monday, January 6, 2014

Um how cute is this little gift from Anthropologie that Tor gave me? It's a mini jar that holds little pieces of paper with all your resolutions on them! We're always all about making New Years resolutions and when she saw this she knew it had my name on it. I love little things like this. 

On the topic of resolutions, I love this creative collective "resolution" project. Melyssa mapped out everything for you to do and they aren't even very resolution-y. It's more fun things like take a Skillshare class or make up a recipe with random ingredients. Things for you to do just about every two weeks. The first creative assignment is to pick a word to focus on in 2014. I think mine would be Presence. I can be a distracted person (due to social media and just a daydreaming mind) - so I think that remembering to always be present in the moment is perfect for me. What would your word be?


  1. This is such a fantastic idea. Plus, that bottle is adorbs. Pretty sure I need one of these now.

  2. aw your pal sure is a diamond in the rough!