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2014: First Weekend

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Events from the first weekend of 2014! Storm Hercules landed on NYC Friday morning. I love the first five hours of a snowy day in the city. But then it melts and it's just nasty. I've worn my snow boots and Hunters non stop. Friday night we stayed local and bar hopped around Avenue A and I wore a flannel. It was great.

Saturday morning I strolled up to Tor's and we juiced. Girlfriend is very into her juicer and I can see why. She made celery/carrot/apple juice and it was deeeelicous. Thanks girl! I feel like everyone is juicing these days. Have you seen this juice cleanse? You can eat a salad once a day! Food! I want to try it.

Saturday night we celebrated Justin's birthday with cupcakes and a night down in LES at 200 Orchard. Those cupcakes were bangin and a nice pregame dessert. You can't go wrong with boxed cupcake mix and sprinkles. 

This morning I met my lovely grand-little (sorority throwback) and her bf for brunch before she heads back to Ohio. Went to Supper...surprising? It's such a gross Sunday here so I'm planning on watching Netflix all day, then have a date to make homemade pizza and watch The Bachelor with my roomies. So pumped for The Bachelor. It's that time again.


  1. I am PSYCHED for Juan-uary to start tonight! Juan Pablo is seriously my man.

  2. Those cupcakes look so yummy–I was thinking about making some last night, and now you've convinced me! Also, The Bachelor is my (very) guilty pleasure. I love watching the train wreck happen!