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Pre/Post Thanksgiving

Sunday, December 1, 2013
Scenes of this holiday week as told by pictures. I mentioned before how I was off work the days leading up to Thanksgiving - and what a necessary break that was! It was so great catching up with friends, family, and pets (ha!). Not to mention all the shopping I did & deals I scored. I baked, caught up on Homeland and I am feeling so refreshed, relaxed, and ready to get back into the norm.

A few things for your Sunday....
1. How crazy are these makeup transformations? A part of me doesn't believe it...but I guess they are true? Maybe I should just purchase everything on this list since the only thing I own are the eye drops :/

2. If you have some downtime, you must watch Blackfish. I rented it on demand but it's also on iTunes. It's SO good. I can't even begin to comprehend everything I learned about Orcas and their mistreatment in captivity. The fact that Tilikum is still at Sea World and still performing...ugh. After watching I spent a good hour researching Orcas. I love a good documentary. Give me some recommendations for others so I can stop obsessing over whales.

3. Obsessed with this album. Go listen. After you watch Blackfish.

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  1. WOW! Great music! Thanks for sharing.