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"Me" Days in the City

Friday, December 6, 2013

I was off work yesterday and today and its' been quiiiite lovely. Yesterday I hit up the J.Crew sample sale and then headed over to Union Square to check out the holiday markets. Today I cooked up this super easy and delicious breakfast and then met up with Ali to tour the NYC Holiday House! I took some pictures of my favorite rooms - all I want is that pink velvet couch and LV trunk. One day... 

Afterwards we walked down to Rockefeller and snapped some shots of the tree. Ya gotta see the tree at least once! New York has become so Christmassy, I just wish it was snowing right now and not this rainy shiz that's happening.

Also, if you have a minute check out Pinterest's Nelson Mandela tribute. Full of inspiring quotes & photos. Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!


  1. Pretty jealous that you got the day off yesterday - plus, you used it so well! That tree - gah, I can't wait until I live in gorgeous NYC.

  2. So pretty! It seems like a big city is the perfect place to be for the holidays :)


  3. Lovely photos! Great post!