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First Drybar Experience - #CURLS

Monday, December 9, 2013

THANKS Tor for giving us the gift of Drybar! Ali, Tor, and I went to Drybar on Saturday night and got our hair all did before going out on Saturday. My stylist did an amazing job and I loved the way my hair fell when he finished. Drybar offers you a "menu" of hair styles to choose from. Ali and I both got the Mai Tai and Tor asked for "a lot of curls." Don't we all look so pretty & happy? Plus a couple glasses of champagne just makes you smiley ;) Afterwards we had drinks at Rare Bar and ended the night out in Meatpacking.

Hope everyone else's weekend was amazin' pants. I finished up writing some Christmas cards, ate at Supper (it's getting grossly obsessive, I know), and relaxed for the most part (minus Saturday night). Tonight some friends and I have dinner plans at Otto. Ever been? The menu looks delish. Have a good Monday!


  1. I love dry bar–it's just a fun treat to do with girlfriends!

  2. Love your curls! What a fun night out! You all look beautiful!

  3. This is a late comment, but Otto was the FIRST Italian restaurant I ate at while I was interning in the city this last summer! I. Died. It was SO GOOD! So I'm assuming you enjoyed it. Let me know what you thought! :) Oh, and the hair. Love it.

    1. Otto was delicious! I need to go back!