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Easy Recipes for my Favorite Meal - Bfast!

Friday, December 13, 2013

So hello, I haven't worked a full week since before Thanksgiving...lolz. Therefore I've had lots of mornings where I have time to actually make myself breakfast. I'm typically an oatmeal + berries with a side of coffee type of girl. But if I have time then making a real breakfast is so worth it. Everyday I've had off  work I've cooked up something in the a.m. and my favorites have been 1) Banana, Apple, Cinnamon pancakes and 2) Fried egg over asparagus + mushrooms.

I got the original pancake recipe from here, but have slightly adapted it depending on ingredients I have. I've substituted in apples & cinnamon and used honey instead of syrup. It's healthy & fits a paleo lifestyle! Not to mention I was full for way longer than oatmeal ever gets me.

I find it super easy to incorporate fruit into my diet but vegetables are always harder. I think eggs are the simplest way to get in your veggies. You can mix practically any vegetable with your eggs and I personally never get sick of eggs because there are SO many ways to cook them. I must admit I love being a housewife to myself on these days off. January 2014 is going to be a long month for me.

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