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A Little Tree for a Little Space

Monday, December 16, 2013
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If I told you we got a Christmas tree you would laugh in my face. Where'd you put it Kelsey? On top of the couch? Yes, I live in a small apartment, so no we don't have a tree. But we did a get a super-mini-baby-fake-tree that sits on the end of the kitchen counter! It's festive and it lights up and is even decorated. I love all the above examples of small ways to add some Christmas "tree cheer " to your place. You don't need a 6 foot pine taking up all the whole living room! I would be perfectly happy with any of these little guys and so would Charlie Brown.


  1. The little trees are SO cute. I love that last one!

  2. The tree on the blankets.... #obsesssssssedddddd