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Beauty | Gettin' Your Makeup Did

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
So did you know that if you spend $50 at Sephora you can get a free 45 minute makeover? So basically...everytime I go into Sephora I'm eligible (ha...). I just learned this fact online so I made an appointment to get my makeup done this past Saturday. I told you that I've recently become obsessed with watching beauty Youtube videos so I figured I'd head to Sephora and see what they could do with me.

I have to admit I didn't loooove the makeover but that's because I'm so picky over how my makeup is done - mainly, how much bronzer I use. While my eyes looked great I felt a little too pale for my liking.  That's just me though. Overall I'd really recommend you have someone professional do your makeup at least once in your young life! She taught me how to use all my new brushes and gave me some great tips on applying makeup. Click through below for my favorite beauty products right now...

Btw - did you notice by new tab titled Wish List? Shop my's updated daily!

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  1. hehe getting my makeup done tonight at henry b's..maybe ill give ya some tips!

  2. love me some ysl lip stain. good post tron!