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From Me | Looking for Booties?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Of course you are looking for fall booties! I've seen post after post regarding fall bootie favorites. But you never really know if you'll love a shoe until you wear it for a day. I got these last week and I've already worn them countless times. I've paired them with dresses, cuffed skinny jeans, and am on the search for the perfect Boyfriend jeans to dress them with next.

I wore them yesterday and received two compliments within 10 minutes of getting into the office. They're a great color, comfortable, and in my mind the perfect fall bootie.


  1. ohh!!! where did you find these i need something just like this but black. Question about the cuff skinny jean - isn't it supposed to look neat or can it be messy? so all of these posts youre reading about fall booties.. can you send me them?

  2. hahaha...oh little you. lord & taylor! it can be messy dear - great for you :)
    yes i will send links. mwwaaah

  3. aw thanks youre the best blogger i know!

  4. even great shoes for a scamper on to some hamps sand!