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From Me | Happy Friday!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hello and happy Friday! And happy first week of October! I feel like October is going to fly and it juuust started. I'm off to Chicago next Wednesday night for the weekend, then home for The Hunt the weekend after, and then it's Halloween? My apartment is spruced up with little (obvi little...) pumpkins and dishes of candy corn, which seems to have become a staple part of my diet. Can't seem to start the day or end the day without some candy corn.

Other questions & comments...
Homeland season premiere...weak. Betrayal season premiere...yes. Now that I discovered I have access to Showtime I want to get involved with Dexter. Can I commit to more shows?

 Seriously loling to myself at this. Did you read Rue yet? This issue was a favorite of mine. Also have you checked out the new Domino site? Dododo it #fridayreading

This week felt like summer but I am not complaining. I think I'm taking a day trip to the Hamptons on Sunday - better late than never right!? It's a 2+ hour train ride so I'll try to remember my Kindle so I can finally finish this book. It' That's all from me today - have an awesome & weird weekend! ;)

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  1. Cute donuts! Looks yummy! Nice outfit!