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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hunter: Colorblocked

Cccccheck out the new Hunter rain boots for fall. Colorblocking all the way. I haven't invested in Hunters...yet. I could never decide on what color to buy! Rain boots are the type of footwear that can add such personality to your outfit, yet they can also ruin it with horrible hearts and animal prints. I always love a good color block and these boots are no exception. Add it to my list!

Btw - 1) I most definitely skipped hot yoga yesterday 2) Today = Thursday, thank you account win! 3) I love the show Catfish - especially when it ends happy. I melt


  1. I love these color-blocked boots!! I have my eye on those purple ones ;)

    xo honestly, b.

  2. Love these boots, they're actually so gorgeous and I didn't think I'd like them considering I'm more of a ugg time of girl!!! Great blog post.


  3. I've never seen the dual color fun!