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Some Things for Friday

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Friday afternoon bunnies!!!

I am so looking forward to this weekend and most importantly my appointment at the Apple genius counter to figure out why the heck my phone won't play music/videos. Holla at yo girl jamming with iPod from 2005...

If you live in New York, please read this article titled 'The 50 Life Lessons New York City Has Taught Me'. So funny, so true. #19...#26...#28...and quite a few others that I don't think I should admit to. Also blog people, you have to read this post from Profresh Style, 'So, Why Did You Start Blogging?' She pretty much calls out all the phonies who want to blog for free clothes, press, publicity, etc. and discusses how it really does have to be a passion of yours, cause blogging takes work! I was loving that article.

Also - whose song is better, Gaga or Katy Perry??? I can't decide, therefore I don't, and I just switch my internet tabs back and forth to their YouTube vids.

It's kind of great how I just recovered from last weekend and now it's appropriately the weekend yet again, huh? Tonight J and I are having some friends over for drinks/food & to enjoy the last few weekends of summer on our roof. I love the roof and I think I will continue to venture onto it in the winter.

Have a wonderful 48 hours off! bbs.

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