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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lucky Number | Saturday Mornings | More Letters | Mustache | Butterflies | Ginger Jar

I always forget about Etsy! I was browsing it last night and found the above pieces of art that are all affordable and perfect for an apartment. I always think of Home Goods as my go to for affordable decor but really Etsy has just as many good finds that are much more original.  Above I pulled some of my favorites together...I am obsessed with mustaches so I think that's the one for me. Confession: I almost bought mustache sheets the other day but they only had them in a twin size mattress :-/ 

Btw Happy Hump day! I'm going to Careoke for the Kids tonight with my agency. Should hopefully be a nice break in the week!


  1. I am loving that mustache print! Too funny. Etsy is the best—seriously!

    xo honestly, b.

  2. We have some of the same favorite shops–I love Etsy for prints!