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Interiors | Brightening the Living Room

Monday, August 26, 2013
Living Room
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Our living room is dark. I mean, there are no windows so it's not surprising. We converted half of our living space into a 4th bedroom - which means the kitchen/living room is small & dim. Since we're signing for another year we decided we have got to brighten up our space. I layed out some ideas for making the main room a little more bright and inviting >> Large mirrors, a white TV stand/bookcase, patterned pillows, gold knick knacks, a modern rug, calming candles, and green topiaries.

Some of these items are pricier for our budget but I'm savvy and also taking suggestions for other places to shop!

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  1. I live in a dark condo as well—we only get light from one side, so the afternoons are quite dark. These are such great ways to get the most light out of a darker space!

    xo honestly, b.