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Monday, August 19, 2013
Biscuit Bedding

Pillow: Jamie | Stripes: Powell | Florals: Fiona | Pillow: Mint

I am resigning my apartment lease in October (can't believe that I've been living in NYC for almost a year...!) and obviously want to redecorate my entire room now. If I can't move out then I want change it up somehow! First things first I am on the hunt for a new duvet. I'd love white, but that looks awful with the cream/tan color of our walls. I was browsing Anthro, Urban, and Home Goods but then started thinking about Biscuit Home. I love supporting a small business, especially when it's a business that has come from a blog (Peppermint Bliss)! I know I could score a duvet for cheaper elsewhere but I must admit I'm a fan of supporting the blogging/small business world.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for a great duvet!? I'm on the hunt!


  1. i'm actually looking for a duvet myself and its so frustrating! you can't go wrong with biscuit home!

    good luck :) x

    1. Agreed! Let me know if you find anything good :)

  2. Redecorating is so fun (at times stressful) and exciting! This shop is so cute. I am totally for supporting small businesses as well.

    xo honestly, b.

  3. I found an adorable Kate Spade duvet on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond!