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Friday, August 23, 2013
Some snippets of this past week.  I had to give a shot of my H&M pants that I wore on Monday because in case you didn't notice Emily Schuman blogged them as one of her fall wishlist pants. I'm really obsessed with them and they're super versatile - annnnd only $25.

Wednesday night was Careoke for the Kids and one of my favorite performances were the ABC Family execs kareoking to Mumford & Sons. Took me back to my Monday nights at Brickstreet...

That cupcake sitting on my desk has alcohol in it. Two of my favorites things mixed in one! That is genius! It really made working for the rest of the day a bit easier. I want to make all of these "drunken cupcakes". I also snagged all of the above September mags from my office...still need Vogue but these will do for now.  

Btw - I was watching Project Runway last night and apparently "clavicle is the new cleavage". Luuuuuuhhh dat. #skinnyarm #boney ...Have an awesome weekend!