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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I just tried hot yoga for the first time yesterday. I am reallyyy not sure how I feel about this form of exercise. The first day was Rough. Capital R, rough. But it was also kind of a cool experience. Never have I ever sweat so much in one workout! I went to a 6:30 am class with Sam (poor Sam -  she almost passed out there) that lasted for 90 minutes - super aggressive for a Monday morning, I know.

I have super mixed feelings on hot yoga. I get it that you sweat a lot, loosen your muscles, and basically detox your body in 90 minutes...but at the same time you can't breathe, the room smells, and people are drippppping. I'm giving it another shot (hey I did purchase the Intro Week package, #ambitious) but I really don't know if this could be "my" workout. I felt refreshed but not rejuvenated. I didn't get that same high I get after an intense cardio gym sesh, but I still feel like I worked my body. I mean I probably lost 5 pounds sweating alone...

Maybe Day 2 will change my opinions. Or maybe I'll just stick with good ol' blink. Anyone else a fan of hot yoga...what's your go to workout?

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  1. i love hot yoga! at first you feel like dying but after its unreal!

    - Janine