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Chill the Eff Out

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
I've never been happier for the week to be half way over. Coming from a huge weekend high and 5 days off work has made this week horribly slow. Right now I'm feeling exhausted, under the weather, and just not really myself. Having a week off was the most rejuvenating thing for me, but I gotta get back into the swing of it.

One thing I realized this week was how much I need to chill the eff out over life. Maybe it's the energy of New York, or the uncertainty of my future and what lays ahead, but I have this tendency to just stress over the smallest things. Misery also loves company. If you're surrounding yourself with people who complain, you're going to complain.

It really made me re-think how I'm perceived and how I perceive my life. Not happy about something? Do something to change it. Don't analyze every detail. Appreciate the littlest of accomplishments and be glad with what you got. These are always things I know I should do, but it's when you're with someone who actually does it that you want to change. I give a bit of cred to my cousin for enlightening me on all of this. I haven't spent time with such a carefree person who has zero reservations in a very long time. Probably not I admire his ability to see the good in just about everyone and everything. You decide how your life goes - now or never.

now or never