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A Week Off

Friday, August 9, 2013
The relaxing vacation is ovaaa. I've missed New York so much (too much) and am training it back into the city today. Missed my roommates, my little windowless room, the people, the buildings, the mayhem. Probably a little too excited to go out tonight... also got my cousin in tow. Cray cray.

Family vacations are kinda awesome. There is something to be said about taking an entire week off to spend it with family. Nothin' but good food, great alcohol, and woods up here. We boated, fished, spotted bear, ate some of the best pulled pork of my life (hello - that is the pig right there in the pic), and really just relaxed. If you haven't taken a week off from work yet, please do yourself a favor and put in your days! I feel more refreshed than ever and am ready to take on my new position at my agency. Bring ittttttt.

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  1. *and your friends that don't live in your apartment

    i lyke your coal/red shirt/sweater!