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Summer '13 Bucket List

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
After a very "productive" Monday at work IM-ing Tor and Sam, we came up with our summer bucket list. It goes as follows...

>Attend Smorgasburg and sample as many vendors as possible. Like this. No wait this. Throw this in, too.
>While feeling out Brooklyn with Smorgasburg, stop at the Brooklyn Flea as well. Be thrifty and buy something.
>Let's just continue with this Brooklyn trend and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I don't get out to Brooklyn much clearly.
>Run along the East River. All this food I ate at Smorgasburg needs to burn off somehow.
>Visit the Hamptons. Pretend I'm a true Hampton goer and take the Jitney.
>Be cute and have a picnic (with bottles of wine) in Central Park.
>Attend a Good Morning America summer concert! Can't believe I missed BSB last summer...I will not fail like that again.
>Stop by Chobani Soho and most importantly try the Peanut Butter + Jelly yogurt combo (I love pbj - even in yogurt.)
>Do the Electric Run *okay so this is technically in September and also apparently 90% sold out (what?) so this may or may not actually happen
>Drinks at Beekman Beer Garden. Bar + sand = genius.
>Brunch at Paradou cause it's supposed to be a thing and I'd like to be involved
>Utilize Groupon and take a photography class. *Also convince my brother to give me his camera. This will definitely be the tricky part of this equation.
>Avalon, NJ. #dts
>Go to a Gansevoort Pool Party.

Okay so there ya have it. It's not even that long now that I'm seeing it typed up. This is actually very doable. Honestly, getting my brother's camera could really be my biggest obstacle. Any other ideas I should add to it? What's the best thing to put on a NYC summer bucket list!?

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  1. Haha OK, this is too funny! This is pretty much MY summer bucket list too–everything from Smorgasburg (obsessed with it), the picnic (need to do it) and Avalon (annual summer trip with college friends)! Maybe I'll be seeing you around! ;)

    1. HA that's funny - guess there aren't thaaat many things to add!

  2. I've been reading your blog a while and just had to comment as a fellow new yorker. I love this list! I totally agree with Smorgasburg. Really anything involving good food is a bucket list must :)

    The other thing I want to try out is riding one of the Citibikes. It seems a little terrifying to bike in the city, so I'll probably rent one near a park/car-free area and just ride there.

    1. Aw thanks for the comment! So glad to hear you've been reading :) I love finding bloggers who live in the city!

      Can't say I want to put the CitiBikes on my list...I think I would definitely kill or be killed riding one of those!