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The Last June Weekend

Sunday, June 30, 2013
Well guys I took zero pictures this weekend. Zip, zero. So what was up in the grand city of New York you ask? After an insane day at work (insane in a bad way) on Friday, my boss let us off at 5 - a real treat for us - and I met up with all my girlfriends for happy hour at Brother Jimmy's. My best friend from Denver was in the city for the night and it was so so so amazing to see her. It's always a great feeling to know you can pick back right up where you left off with people.

Saturday was one of those days I just felt OFF. I woke up anticipating a pool party in Westchester but ended up getting back in bed...until 4. Um, woops. Once I finally woke up I went on a run to try and clear my head and then met up with some lovely friends for wine + cheese on an apartment rooftop. Even though my day began kinda lame, nothing makes me happier than Brie and a glass (or 5) of wine.

The weather forecast has said rain all week but looks like today it's actually for real. I've been lounging on my couch, stuffing my face with bagels, drinking hot chocolate, and watching The Proposal. I'm not even sad the weekend is over because Wednesday I've got two college bests flying into the city for the 4th of July. Yep, I'm staying here for the 4th - can't get enough of it.

Browsing online right now...
>Love this pattern and basically everything in her shop
>Even though I just stuffed my face with a huge everything BEC, I want a crop top like this
>Called Helen last night on my way to happy hour and she promised she'd send me her spinning playlist. Pumped for the gym tomorrow
>My sweet roommate gave me a $15 off coupon from BaubleBar. What to buy? What to buy?
>Is this girl's life for real? Sam and I obsessed over her.
>I am hearing non stop chatter about this #Cronut craze thanks to Dominique Ansel. Adding it to the bucket list.
>Bye, bye Google Reader...Follow me on BlogLovin'!

- ice cream cones -

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  1. wine sounds soo yummy right now!! i am so bummed about google reader closing but hey what can i do!! i am glad u had a good weekend! i wish i could of slept until four!!