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Inspo Board: No. 3

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Happy June 19th and Happy BIRTHDAY Victoria!

My dear dainty Vicky, I hope you're having a not so bad day at work right now and are excited for dinner in the West Village followed by a Wednesday night out! Welcome to the great year of 23. You're spending your twenties in NYC girl... life is good!

I pulled together some pictures that offer a little pop of happiness for this Hump Day. Summer hasn't officially started but I think we can all agree that it's here and here to stay. Don't all these snap shots agree? Especially the pancakes cause I just always love pancakes.

Some other newsworthy thingz...
>I'm really enjoying this photography endeavor.
>Was stalking The Man Repeller and totes-ma-gotes agree with her that these bracelets rock.
>It's safe to say I love everything that the gal behind How Sweet It Is cooks up, but my mouth really just starts salivating at this one (also lol to the fact that she's in a "salad love affair" right now...this is like the complete antithesis of a salad).

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  1. I just want to steal that pile of pillows for my apartment. Love them all!