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Inspo Board: No. 2

Thursday, June 6, 2013
<On my board right now>

In serious need of some pretty pics to look at. Transitions to summer with sandals, bright florals, and citrus drinks. I'll save that cake til September (#bikiniseason) but it still looks yummy! I feel like this week has been work, work, work with a side of laundry. One perk has been the perfect temperatures at night leading me outside for a run after a long ass day of sitting at my desk. My legs are aching and sore from that, plus early morning work outs at the gym. But when you sit for 10+ hours everyday, you better move your body!

Let's just be happy it's Thursday and think about hugging that puppy in the top left shall we?


  1. That. Dog. I think my heart just burst into a million pieces.

  2. oh those girl scout cookies... & that puppy is too cute! x

    & Pretty Things