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48 Hours: A Midwest Weekend

Monday, June 17, 2013
Spending this weekend in Indiana with family to celebrate my grandpa's 80th was the perfect pause for me.  I definitely become very caught up with my life in New York and am guilty of forgetting there is a world outside of the city. Who wants to leave New York? Who doesn't want to live here? It's always a question that I can't comprehend an answer for. My vision of New York is that it's home and there's nothing even close that compares to it. For all my family in Indiana, their idea of home is the simple life in the Midwest. They look at me amazed as I share stories of living and working in the infamous concrete jungle. They also can't understand who would actuallyyyy want that life.

Visiting Indy is always the perfect reminder of how it really is the little things that make me happy - not, necessarily the expansive city of New York. Not much goes on in the state of Indy, and my family (at least this side of it) isn't the most rowdy of people - but I still had a great weekend. Reminiscing with family at dinner, learning how to play Euchre from my little cousin, shopping with my grandma, aunt, & mom at the "Fashion Mall" (ohhhh Indy) was just what I needed. For ONCE I don't think I am going to be utterly exhausted on this Monday. Don't get me wrong - the East Coast is and always will be where I belong - but sometimes it's nice to visit where your family got it's roots.

We're almost through June - time to tackle and enjoy even the littlest moments of it. Happy Happy Monday! (feeling positive, today okay?)

Weekend highlights in pictures>>A dish my Grandma told me take from her home just because I liked it // Sunroom for lounging // Homemade meatballs + bun = my continuos binge // Necessary investments from J.Crew // Cake for breakfast, yes? // Vintage mugs that look like KS Saturday // Continuing to stuff my face with carrot cake + buttercream frosting // Saw this dress and immediately thought of this one...purchased, duh.

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  1. I always love taking trips home from the city. It's a great way to relax and recharge!