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Friday Night In

Friday, May 3, 2013
Tonight I'm staying in, watching television, catching up on blogs, and doing some cleaning. This week has been no short of exhausting. Last night was spent at Avenue with friends + coworkers. An open bar never fails to make me more inclined to stay in when Friday night rolls around. I am seriously becoming an old hag. Tuesday it was so gorgeous outside that I insisted on getting some power walking in around the city that night. Again, very old woman of me. Restaurants spotted: Mary Ann's, Spice, and The House - all noted to try. Especially The House because it looks like a freaking house!

This weekend is also packed with brunch tomorrow at Revel, rooftop parties, brunch on Sunday at Yerba Buena, and celebrating both my southern self with the Derby (not Southern at all) and my Mexican self with Cinco de Mayo (not Mexican at all). Both brunch spots are bottomless, so I will see ya on Monday when I'm a zombie!

Ps - did I tell I mention I won an iPad mini at work? Yep. Pretty neat.

|| choco popcorn

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