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Easter at Home

Monday, April 1, 2013
Sometimes leaving the city and going home to NJ is exactly what I need. Clearly this weekend was focused on food. Veggie omelets on Saturday, Mickey Mouse waffles on Sunday (no, there is no child living in our house, just me), and the most fantastically delicious carrot cake for Easter dessert. I also got a little slap happy about colored jeans this weekend. Rich & Skinny are my current favorite brand and I bought a pair in light pink, bright blue, and bright orange (I'm ready for you spring!). These jeans fit beautifully, don't stretch out, and are the perfect length for wearing with flats. I also picked up the BCBG neon/cork flats and got the lovely little Tory Burch purse from my parents for Easter. I'm always attracted to small fashion accessories and this is no exception since it literally only holds my license/credit cards, iPhone, and Chapstick.

I love being home but I'm happy to be back in NY, tackling this Monday. Plus anything beats how I felt last Monday (remember, dying a slow death from Sunday Funday...never again). 


  1. I LOVED Mickey Mouse waffles growing up (and still now, actually). I really want one now!

  2. Bright orange pants!? LOVE!!

    Also jealous of those waffles ;)