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Appetizers to Try

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
These were the hit foods of my Easter. And they were made by yours truly. Which means they were easy as pie to make. The first was Brie & Apple Crescent Rolls. Topped with a walnut and drizzled with honey, then wrapped, baked, and served. Cut them in half to save cals and make it seem like you made more for your guests ;)

The second were Broccoli Bites, also called Broccoli Bites for Kids. Making finger food, it's what I do. These consisted of literally mixing frozen broccoli with cheese and breadcrumbs and then baking. I appeared Martha Stewart like to our guests, but in reality they were as easy to make as a PB&J.

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  1. The broccoli bites look tasty. I tried Smitten Kitchen's broccoli fritters recipe a while ago and it was delicious. This looks just as good, but way easier. Think I'll give this one a try next.

    1. These were SO easy. Literally mix everything in a bowl and turn into balls then bake. My kind of recipe :)