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Wine & Mini Hotdogs

Monday, March 25, 2013
This Monday took for-ev-er to end. It may have had something to do with me taking Sunday Funday a little too far so this entire day consisted of me being on the struggle bus. My weekend was also super busy beginning on Saturday with coffee from The Bean and shopping in Soho with Sam at Paper Source. I could spend hours in that store. Saturday night began with a little get together at a friend of mine's apartment complete with homemade mini hotdogs, lots of chocolate and sweets, and massive consumptions of wine. We ate a bottomless brunch at Sidewalk on Sunday which has led to this grueling Monday and late weekend recap post.

Btw - Essie 'turqoise & caicos'. Obsessed. Happy Passover :) I'm making stuffed artichokes right now, domestic. I know.


  1. Nice blog changes! Me gusta. AM

  2. Love the pictures! I hate when Sunday Funday gets a little too fun... it makes Monday go by so slow! Gahh.

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