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Some Thoughts on Success

Friday, March 1, 2013
I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday morning. My ‘parent’ company recently re-established all of upper management across all the agencies below it and my agency gained a new president. She came from working at Facebook but had begun her career at an agency and raved about how excited she was to be back. Yesterday I was in the kitchen making coffee when our new president, Sarah, walked in. She started talking to me like we were old friends…except I had no idea who she was. I thought maybe I met this woman out at a client dinner? Happy hour after work? I felt so awkward for a minute when I realized WAIT NO. She’s our new president. Sarah chatted me away about having to re-use her coffee cup because she doesn’t have a mug yet and then paused and introduced herself. 

I realize I’m relatively new to the real world and what not but I can tell you that this is the type of career woman one should strive to be. She’s essentially one of the highest positions in our office, yet is still chatting up the assistant in the kitchen. She got to know me – where I’m from, went to school, my client, my future at the company – and assured me that I should not worry about the current review my client has placed us in. She shared how she’s from Chicago and knows plenty of people, including her brother, who went to Miami U, and how she still doesn't really understand New Jersey...lolz. This is the first time I’ve been in an office where the president was so candid. Our old president never took the time to introduce herself or say hello to me, and at my past internship I’m pretty sure I never once saw the magazine's Editor-in-Chief. I’m glad that Sarah takes our “open office” policy so literally and it’s people like her that make me realize there’s more to your career than endless Excel files and daunting rows of impressions.

This is much more than I usually say on a Friday (feeling not hungover awake) but I wanted to share how not all people are hopelessly depressed at work and/or "too good" for their coworkers. I guess you just gotta find what you love and do it - and hopefully you'll rise to become someone like Sarah who in the end probably got to the top with a lot of help from her awesome personality and ability to relate to others.

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