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Floral-ed Out

Thursday, March 28, 2013
No secret that florals are huge this season. But what about floral wallpaper? A part of me is loving it while another part of me is just remembering my mom's cringe worthy rose plastered dining room wallpaper that she used to have. I think for a smaller space I love it (think entryway, bathroom) - but anything larger is just too overwhelming. Plus I know myself and it's a pretty safe assumption that I'll get sick of the pattern after a few months. Thoughts?


  1. Love the last pic. Oh my gosh. And I am not a pinky pers at all... amazing though.

  2. Love that last version. So bold and pretty!

    1. Me too - especially on just one wall!

  3. the white bed w/ green walls reminds me of your grad dress

  4. i love all the pictures, so refreshing, the last one being my favourite. its bold and totally my type:)