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Thursday, March 14, 2013
What's up with my life right now? Let's start with the above. Last night, Helen was in the city (it was SO nice seeing a good friend from school) and we went to the best little Italian restaurant in the West Village - Quinto Quarto. I'm a sucker for anything that's authentic Italian and this place is a winner. WINNER. Afterwards we went to the new biergarten on Houston and did everything we could to convince Helen to move to New York. I think we were pretty convincing. Helen....I'm serious.

This Thursday night I'm having some wine and heading out in a few, but let me tell you about the great happy hour I had with myself last Thursday: brownies, milk, and Downton Abby. I don't know, am I 45 years old? Maybe.

I got super gleefully excited at work today when I realized the first day of spring is next Wednesday! Hence all my bright colors headed into my closet. Stripes and florals - that's what this spring is about.

And finally, Tuesday night Ali and I got drinks with the super sweet woman who got me the gig to work at the New York Gift Show. We had some wine and then went back to Ali's and she made a great pasta dish that reminded me of the Bell Tower pasta from school (except it wasn't 800 cals cause she's skinny and substituted half the four cheese cream sauce with skim milk). Brava girlfriend!