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Weekends at Home

Monday, February 18, 2013
I hope you didn't have to work today! It was quiiiite lovely. Woke up, got my nails did, packed my things up (I went home for the weekend) and hopped on a train back into the city. This weekend was super relaxing...I pretty much ate like a whale, drank wine, shopped and hung out with my parents. Madewell, Forever 21 and Bloomingdale's had some amazing sales and I bought lots of fun things. Probably my favorite part about this weekend was my dad's surprise Valentine gift to me. My speakers broke a few weeks ago and on Saturday he presented me with a big wrapped box that enclosed brand new speakers for my bedroom. Carebear said he couldn't handle the fact that I wouldn't be able to play loud music in my room. The speakers sound amazing so thank you father!

K gotta go back to watching The Breakup (best movie ever).

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