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Thursday, February 7, 2013
Some tumblr favorites right now. I want a mirror like that!

I also really wish I was having a yummy cocktail while wearing some faux fur - and not at my desk... and not eating yogurt and granola...and not figuring out how many impressions to move out of next week for our client....

Hopefully everyone's week has gone well! I'm excited because 1. the week's almost over, and 2. it's officially Fashion Week! I really wish I could actually go to a show - but for now I guess I will have to sit behind the scenes computer and watch the shows online/via Pinterest. Last night I delved into my favorite online magazines Rue and Matchbook and I have to say that Rue wins for this month. I loved how the issue's entire theme was all about styling small city apartments. Check 'em out especially if you're an iPad user - this is the future of magazines everyone!

I also have to say Happy, Happy Birthday to my best friends Tina (hers was yesterday), Cherilyn (hers is today), and Sam (tomorrow)! I know are they like triplets? We will for sure be celebrating with cupcakes and champagne tonight/tomorrow/the entire weekend. Have a lovely Thursday :)


  1. My dream is to go to fashion week. I will be there someday, but for right now I am also sitting behind the computer.