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Tuesday, February 5, 2013
This week is crawlin yo. It’s only Tuesday? First of all, Happy World Nutella Day. And Happy National Pancake Day. How random – maybe you can make yourself a Nutella/pancake dinner. A Cup of Jo posted some pretty delicious looking nutella recipes here.  I feel so un-festive eating peanut butter right now when this is Nutella’s day to shine. I made a new discovery today: the bean. It’s a little coffee shop in the East Village that has legit the best chai tea latte I’ve ever had. It was perfectly sweet and perfectly spiced and for all my NYC friends you must go try it. 

I hope everyone had a fun Superbowl – I basically played with tinder while the game was on and tuned back in during commercials. We were all so exhausted from Saturday night that I didn’t even drink. Just ate a lot. A lot of sliders, mini hot dogs, buffalo chicken dip, guac, and chocolate covered strawberries (my random contribution).

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