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Let's Talk Tortoise

Friday, February 1, 2013

"a turtle carries its house right on its back. It's perfectly safe as long as it remains tucked away in its shell. But when a turtle wants to get anywhere, it has to take a risk - it has to stick its neck out in order to move forward. I believe in that image" - Dr. Ruth

The About section of my blog explains pretty perfectly why I call this tortoise in the sun.  But I was reading my Nate Berkus coffee table book last night (yes - I actually read coffee table books...) and read this quote from one of Nate's clients, the infamous Dr. Ruth. It stuck out to me not only because she was explaining her obsession with the turtle figurines that infiltrate her upper Westside condo, but because the meaning is so true. It rings a bell with why I even write this blog to begin with. I do enjoy writing in it, but a lot of times I'm like "well whose even reading?" "my topics are pretty dumb" "I have terrible grammar", etc. But then I focus back and remember why I write it. I write because I love to share what I love. Pretty simple. I love to share my life with my friends (new + old). Anytime a close friend of mine tells me they read my post and were inspired to do ____, I get all giddy. Just yesterday, Ali tells me she has it bookmarked on her iPhone and Ellen tells me how she's about to go back out and purchase those Madewell beauties. Just like what Dr. Ruth said, you gotta stick out your neck and take a risk. Who cares if people are going to judge what I write - at least I'm doing it. And I love it. 

Happy Friday Beautiful Friends.
Caps are most definitely intended.  

Images via charmrose and pretty-glamorous


  1. I love this and I love the way you think! Yes, sometimes you have to stick your neck out :)

    This little place is about you and for you.

  2. I love this post!! Thank you for sharing it. Dr. Ruth is right about having to stick out your neck, if you didn't do this then your life would be much more boring!

    I am sticking my neck out with my blog-- writing about feelings that sometimes I question why I post them on the internet, but in the end it is what I love! I think I'm going to steal that quote to add to my inspiration board! Thank you! :)

  3. Kels! Really happy you wrote this post. It gets back to the reason why we all have a blog and it is to share the things you love with everyone else..and if you can inspire on the way, that is a huge plus! Great post :)

  4. Such an inspiring quote :) I love your blog and I'm sure other people do too!!