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Doin' Some Hunting

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Last weekend I tried explaining to my roommates that I really wanted moose antlers in my room. And I wanted to go to an antique store and find some. But I didn’t want real antlers, I wanted them to be Lucite. No one understood.  Well, THESE are what I am talking about. I furthered my intense desire of Lucite antlers after seeing a booth at the NYIGF sell them. They seriously give a bedroom a kind of POW to the wall. Lucite antlers step it up a notch on your bedroom’s d├ęcor and the best part is not everyone has them. Actually – not one apartment that I’ve been into has them. And we all know that I hate when everyone has the same thing. For my budget, $175 is a bit steep (wowza poor girl over here) but I am most definitely on the hunt for some just like them.


  1. These. Are. Awesome.
    I haven't really seen antlers like this! The ones I've seen have mainly been white or real antlers. Love this look.
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1. Riiiight how tempted are you to go buy!?

  2. Ohhh i really like them! That is pricey but you'll always have them. :) Newest follower