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That Stay In Italy

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Where does time go in two years? Two years ago I had just landed in Florence, Italy. I was so young and naive (I still am) and went into that trip with the best attitude. Victoria and I got to our apartment on that rainy afternoon and started running through it, screaming, claiming rooms – very Real World of us. We fought off our jet lag in anticipation of the arrival of our roommates – two of whom are still close friends of ours…the other, well she isn’t really discussed...(#Gina) 

My time spent abroad in Florence gave me the greatest appreciation of the small things in life. Enjoying every day and living it to your full potential is a must for the true Florence residents. Florentines are passionate about everything down to their home-grated Parmesan cheese. They love their lives and live them simply. Now that I live in the very different but equally as exciting city of New York, I try to channel my inner-Florence persona and make the most of everyday - even if it is just enjoying the company of close friends while sharing a bottle of Chianti. I dream of when I can go back, but for now I have the photos, memories, and Keste pizzeria.

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