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Take a Break

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
I think the most difficult transition the past 6 months for me has been realizing that the majority of my time is now spent at a desk inside, staring at a computer screen It’s beyond difficult for me. I sometimes feel like I am going crazy sitting here and my eyes start to go crossed eyed staring at all the Excel docs I have open. One of my “resolutions” (I guess you could call it this) is to start actually leaving my building during lunch. The past two days have been so much better meeting Tor at Bryant Park and sitting outside at a little round table. The cold air feels so refreshing. I find myself focusing way better after lunch if I leave the office for an extended period of time. I realize it can be difficult to stop working on a project and head outside but sometimes you just gotta drop everything and LEAVE.

Plus the roasted pumpkin sandwich that Witchcraft in Bryant Park sells is deeeeelicous. Brown butter + mozzarella + sage on toasted bread. It makes it that much easier to escape my desk.


  1. i literally don't think there's anything better for lunch than the roasted pumpkin sandwich within a 50 mile radius.......well, besides shake shack.

    1. Obviously besides shake shack. And keste. But beggars/hungry Midtowner workers can't be choosers