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Playing House - Anne Hepfer

Thursday, January 10, 2013
All images via Ann Hepfer projects

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I studied something like interior design in college. Design blogs have become my favorite to read. I'm getting pretty sick of the typical fashion blogs that are out there and find myself seeking out blogs that showcase amazing interiors. I never could have actually studied design in college because I don't have the patience or drawing knack, but I admire beautiful spaces. New favorite: Anne Hepfer. Her rooms all have clean lines, the right amount of color, and perfect symmetry. I am in house heaven browsing through her portfolio.

These photos will give your eye something nice to look at while you take that necessary break from work. Seriously - remember my chat yesterday?


  1. I like fashion is a whole look that includes the way your house it! i love all these pics

    1. Agreed - fashion can definitely translate into your home!

  2. Whenever I buy a house, I'm having you decorate it okay? :)