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Little Side Job

Sunday, January 27, 2013
This Saturday was so different from my usual ones. I worked. Like I chose to work. Not at my regular job but rather at the NY International Gift Fair at Pier 94. Sometimes I start to feel a little stagnate sitting at a desk all day long 9-5 and figured why not do something completely unrelated to anything I studied in or really had any knowledge in. So I decided to work the NYIGF. I was assigned to Tourmaline Home's booth and was completely immersed in an endless amount of beautiful handmade pillows. I worked with interior designers and retailers and sold the pillows to them for their clients and customers. It was so different from what I'm used to doing - but loved it. Navigating color schemes and fabrics and even helping a decorator whose client wanted a new bedroom because she's seriously ill and going to be spending a lot of time in it. Beautiful spaces have always caught my eye and after working the NYIGF I've realized how much I really love it.

I think it's important that if you ever feel a little bored/underwhelmed/overwhelmed with what you're doing, you mix it up and find something new to try - even if it's for one day! I'll tell you right now I would love to venture into the design world after this trial. It's definitely something I've opened my mind up to. Just a little Sunday thought for you.

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