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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Image via flickr
I love this picture.

I love Disney World and I love this image of the Magic Kingdom poking through these trees. I even went to Euro Disney while visiting Paris. I skipped Versailles in favor of Mickey Mouse...

I guess I love this photograph so much because it's not your typical grand picture of Cinderella's castle. It's taken on the outskirts, looking into the park. You could probably find deeper symbolism revolving around the photo about how the happiness of Disney is all around you, just sometimes not right in front you. You could ponder that symbolism, or you can just daydream and wish you were at the park right now - riding Splash Mountain and eating cotton candy with Minnie. Super jealous of my 8 year old self right now. But hey - at least it's Tuesday and not Monday!


  1. Disney land in paris now that truly is magical!!!!

    1. I loved it more than the eiffel tower !