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A Girly Home

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
I love getting to see peaks into other people's apartments. Bradley Agather of the fashion/lifestyle blog, Luella & June, was featured on the Glitter Guide yesterday. Her apartment is bright with orange, pink, and white. It's super girly, but I still kinda love it. She makes her white walls work with the addition of modern white furniture and hints of color that pop up in every room. My favorite part of Bradley's apartment is probably her coffee table that is completely covered with wonderful hardcover books. I mean I could literally lay around all day and read each and everyone of those books. We all know I am obsessed with coffee table books.

Seeing Bradley's apartment only makes me more obsessed with decorating my own little abode. My room has come together quite nicely, but I think we can definitely do more with the living-kitchen. A living-kitchen is what happens when you live in NYC and can't afford to have the two separate. But it does make it easier/cheaper to decorate!

All photos are from this article on the Glitter Guide

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  1. I wonder if Bradley would be willing to donate some of those to us!?

    Xx- a