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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My coworker has been on this kick of celebrating life. Remember how in Failure to Launch (just re-discovered it, thank you NetFlix) Zooey Deschanel's character likes to drink champagne on Wednesdays (or was it Tuesdays) "just because"?  This is how I'm feeling about this purchase pictured above. I have been lusting and dreaming of a clutch like this one for what seems like for-ev-er. So after work yesterday I strolled down to the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale on 5th avenue and was immersed in purse heaven. Seriously, though. MACs and Mini MACS for up to 75% off! So many totes and cross bodies and clutches and wallets. The list goes on and on. I love Rebecca, remember...

This little guy ended up being only $108 - a fraction of what it would normally have cost. I love everything about it. From the snake skin covering the hard shell to the fact that it is a hardshell. It holds my iPhone, credit card, and lipgloss - all girl needs these days. And there's a long gold chain I can take out if I don't feel like clutching anymore. What was the occasion of me purchasing it? Just because. Because I hadn't splurged (you can't even call this a splurge) on anything for myself in awhile. Because it's almost the holidays. Because it has snowed. Because it was Wednesday.

PS - I am going to start posting again. So lazy these days. I blameeeee... .... ....okay I'm just lazy.

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  1. Love this clutch it is amazing and the fact that it was on sale is even better!