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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Did you hear about the announcement from kate spade? kate spade Saturday is a new brand that is set to launch spring 2013. There’s not much information out there about it…so obviously I’ve already registered my email . Details that I was able to find about it says that kate spade Saturday aims to “channel the spirit of Saturday seven days a week”. Hmmm, okay I’m intrigued. Pieces are also more affordable than normal kate spade. Example: apparel for $90, small goods $45, and shoes $85 (via). The line seems to be following a J.Crew pricing structure. I wish I had more information – but for now, keep your eyes peeled on any other mentions of the Saturday brand, I’m sure it’s going to be a fabuloso success.

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  1. Love kate spade,and if the prices are going to be cheaper, im so in. I cant wait to hear more details! you will have to keep us updated!

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