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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Everybody always says moving sucks – but you  never really understand what they mean until you actually move. I haven’t even officially moved yet and I’m already 100% in agreement that I hate everything that has to do with brokers, leases, apartments, converted walls, electricity, and keys. Yup even the keys. I hate you keys and that there are only 2 sets of you. News flash: there’s 4 of us!

Anywayssssss – aside from how miserable apartment hunting (and especially apartment hunting in NYC) is, I am hopeful that everything will be set to go on Saturday and that I’ll be moved in. BONUS for me: Kara is flying in from Pittsburgh and will of course de-stress me and we will show this “country girl” (Kara – you aren’t from the country?) what the city life is all about. I’m becoming an elderly citizen and on my lunch break all I do is shop around for home décor. Did you know Crate & Barrel is having a 60% off outlet sale!? Because I just learned today and want to purchase everything. I’m supposed to be finding useful storage containers and pieces but of course all I want to buy is this book about sandwiches.  

Also looking for some white pillows. Perhaps this or this.

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